things that make you go hmmmm

a product of the 90s, this song was a staple in my childhood.  check out the video from this youtube link below:

there are a number of things that make me go hmmmm but one has had me thinking a lot recently.  it has entered my brain after meeting someone amazing.  we got on like a house on fire from moment one.  instant kindred spirits.  we just met in february and had to share a room on our first night of the silver expedition in ghana, just a few short hours after being introduced.

this person is so many different things in one: she is a midwife, an expedition leader, a fantastic human and thinker among others.  i feel as though she came into my life at the exact right moment.  that makes me go hmmmm because this kind of friendship phenomenon does not occur often.  i suppose the most interesting thing about the situation is that we were brought together by another person that has also fit into this strange experience.  i am sure the odds are very slim with this kind of thing happening twice in the span of a year.

i can probably count on my two hands the number of times this has happened in my life.  i am married to and live with one of these very people.  on some level i am still in contact with all of the others on the very short list.  in the time of facecrack and other social networking it is so much easier to remain in touch than it would have been in the past.

the opposite of people arriving at the exact right moment has to be people leaving your life at the exact right moment.  my departure list is much longer than the arrival list.

i find it fascinating that these things happen for a reason.  we get out of touch and into touch with people at the seemingly exact right time.  it boggles my mind.  over time, those that have left become people i no longer think of, it is only occasionally that a memory of them enters my brain.  it is amazing to be at a point where remembering them is no longer accompanied by sadness or regret but rather an appreciation of the lesson learnt.

the older i get, the better i am at keeping out all the shite and embracing all of the good.  it is something that has become more apparent as time passes.  it is a necessity.  it is self preservation.  i am hard enough on myself without absorbing the bullshit ideas of the outside perspective.

in the past few years this embracing the positive and dropping the negative has changed my life in a number of ways.  being optimistic takes work and even in the past few months i have tried to, and sometimes succeeded in, letting petty disputes go.

a few very dear friends of mine seem to be going through the same processes and embracing positivity has had a wonderful effect on their approach to and their perception of the world and the people around them.  this, i think, is what makes the 30s better than the 20s.

we all have our difficulties to overcome and two of my favourite phrases as a reminder are ‘keep fighting the good fight’ and ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down.’


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