excellent news!

so i asked my dad to put a link to my blog on his http://www.wyvill.ca genealogy website and he did me one better; he sorted out a wyvill.ca address for me with links to a possibly much wider audience.  i am still going to keep putting items on here while i tinker with the new blog site as it is far more technical than the lovely people here at wordpress.com offer.  on that note, i have to say the blogging experience has been a pretty good one.  they always encourage you with motivational messages as you save and publish your thoughts, it might seem silly but i’ve really enjoyed it.

to get to the point, you can find my stuff and my possibly more permanent blog home at http://www.wyvill.ca/impossibilium/index.php or you can go to http://www.wyvill.ca and click on ‘j blog’.  while at wyvill.ca you can check out my mum, grace’s, book link, as well as lynn wyvill’s link to her poetry and other writing.

as of today the new site only has 1 post: a short story already published here.  i will be adding all of my entries there and keep going on here.  just today i have spent 3 hours researching some ideas and the weird things that continue to happen have inspired a number of short fictional pieces in the works.

thanks for reading.  drop me a line at jayne@wyvill.ca with any ideas or comments.  as always, i am interested in the good, bad and ugly on what i do.


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