on a good note.

it was a warm june evening.  the sun had gone down and the grass became wet under their bare feet as they walked.  not a word was spoken.  they made their way between the 7th green and the 8th tee.  all was calm and quiet, the silence enjoyed.  somehow unbeknownst to either of them, they managed to avoid the awkwardness that comes with teenage encounters of the mixed company kind.

they had known each other for years and had always got on well, despite being casual acquaintances within a larger social circle.  neither had any expectations of the other, something which came to suit their situation just fine.

the gold tee was set back, sheltered from the blue, white and red yardage.  one wouldn’t even know it was there if they weren’t told.  it was as if the landscape architect had designed it to be their own personal joke very few golfers would get.  it was a rounded edged square tee, a small but steep hill had to be climbed to reach it.  there was no room for error on a shot from there, a slice would land your ball in thick brush, making it impossible to find.  especially in this darkness.

it was obvious there was no one else left on the course.  the opportunity presented itself and their first encounter put something intriguing in motion.  they parted completely unaware of the change in their friendship and separately slept very well that night.

the weeks and months passed. they chatted intermittently about their studies, travels and other romantic relationships.  not a jealous word nor a jealous thought came between them.  they remained true friends kept at a significant distance.

more than a year later they met again, a decision made via the magic of the internet and accompanied by close geographical proximity.  it was a classic basement setting out of a cheesy television show: plaid couches, synthetic wooden panel walls and a rug that really tied the room together.  the first hour or two involved intermingled j&b, hysterical laughter and more serious discussion about political matters.

the couch became a cloud they floated upon.  the lines between them disappeared and time stood still.  strange how they were able to squeeze something visceral and real that could take years to build into a few short hours.  they levitated above normal relationships on a plane very few knew existed.

their single serving engagement ended in the morning and they went on as before, separate but with fond feelings.

irregular contact became the name of the game again for a few years.  the intermittent discussion ranged in topics from hilarious to serious to reminiscent.  no real commitment was ever sought, nor was any harm ever done.  they remained kindred spirits without expectation.

it was summer again and a small gathering brought a few old friends together.  a plan was made for after the get together.  a secret only they knew in among this crowd of drinking twenty somethings.  the usual stories were told, laughs had at each other’s expense all in good fun.

after the last guest left, they retired to a ridiculously blue room.  so many different shades of blue had never before been seen by human eyes.  the decor was almost immediately forgotten as they giggled and played.  everything was exactly the same as the last time, better than the last time.

their lives were brighter the next day, both pleasantly surprised by their contentment with the status quo.

several years would pass before they saw each other again.  this was the first time there was no organisation involved.  a mutual friend brought them together at yet another summer party.

bacon wrapped scallops, burgers, salad and fresh fruit garnished the tables.  local beer was passed around along with a joint or two.  lightly drunken swimming occurred well within the recommended thirty minutes of eating.  then most changed, returned poolside and got soaked again in their dry clothes as the remaining swimmer shrieked maniacally in the moonlight as she hurled water at anyone brave enough to stand close enough to the pool.

after all the silliness was over, it was clear that an unspoken agreement was made in the calm silence among the last few that remained awake.  people dropped like flies after a day of drinking in the sun.  they were the last ones up and they retired to bed together.

this time was different for a great number of reasons, including the sheer number of people about the house.  this time they were both more comfortable with their bodies and their own sexuality, something which came from time and experience.

it was perfect.  perfect because they became one and simultaneously both knew that it would be the very last time they would be like this together.  it was the same but different.  it was familiar but foreign.  it was a perfect moment that they would always remember for the rest of their incredibly different lives.

not much was said in the morning and they parted ways in the usual manner.  no one knew but them and no one would ever understand.

almost a year later to the day an arrangement was made to meet up for local beer and some food downtown.  three pints and pub fare took them through a few hours of recollection and remembrance of their interesting dynamic.  again they just knew all was fine between them no matter the outcome.  there was an invitation kindly passed up because of budding relationships.  no hard feelings, no wrong done.  this time they parted innocently enough with a hug and a kiss.  they were destined to remain disconnected.  as they walked away from each other, their past flashed before their eyes with the exact same images.  their experience was shared and their memory of it all was in sync.

years later one of them introduced the other to kate chopin’s the storm.  does it matter which one it was at this point?  it was clear that their characters matched those of calixta and alcee.  it would be years before either of them knew if their end had already occurred or would be the same as that of the storm.  for now, they both knew that things were over between them but there was no weirdness or hurt feelings.  they took from their experience kind thoughts and mutual respect.  they left things on a good note.


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