it has been a long time since i have written anything for the blog times.  part of it is because i am on holiday.  i crossed the sahara and the atlantic to get to canada [my mum says that makes it sound like i walked and swam across those two rather large geographical features] and have been lucky enough to have brought my husband with me.  the last fortnight of my life has been spent eating, drinking and being merry.  it happens every time i leave nigeria and head to more familiar territory.

i behave like a starving child that eats like they’ll never eat again because they are so used to going without.  it is obviously some psychological weirdness and always results in weight gain.  why do i do it?  because i’m not sure when i’ll be back.  because i don’t get certain foods where i live.  because i miss home.  because i have free time to have afternoon, and sometimes late morning, beers.

then there is the thought of being torn between the hard working sort and the loafer; a go-getter and a lay-about.  i have been reading and watching tv and swimming and sleeping and eating a great number of meals out.  my brain is off work problems and onto whatever i want, changeable hour by hour.

there are times when i feel guilty for lazing around and yet i consider switching my brain off to be a win.  i find it difficult to switch off and i have been told that i love my job more than my life.  i think i can be an adrenaline junky, i have worked in a number of fast paced, high expectation jobs and teaching secondary school is no exception.  i consider the summer holiday to be time to recharge my batteries.

it is not as if i haven’t thought about work, in the last week i’ve had a number of work nightmares and awoken to realise i am in my parents’ home.  i used to joke that dreaming about work should be paid work.

i have organised a great deal of school supplies and weird and wonderful activities for my students this autumn.  my favourite purchase in this regard is half a dozen rubber chickens that will be used for fun, games and tomfoolery.  everyone thinks i’m insane for being so excited about something so stupid in their minds.

so much more to do and see while in ontario… so much more to write, too.  stay tuned.  i’ve got loads of fiction and opinion in the works.

as always, please write to me or comment.  i am forever looking for meaningful connections and conversations.


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