shoulda, and that…

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responding to a wordpress prompt for the first time ever – using the pingback above.  perhaps it was the kick in the pants i needed to get going.

there are many things i should do so perhaps this post will come best in the form of a list.  i’m always looking at lists on buzzfeed, mental_floss and other various webternet sites.  the lists are anywhere from bill murray’s best quotes on life or what is was like as a female teenager in the 90s.  lists are quick and easy when other articles can appear long and daunting in the times of twitter and snipits of information in a flash.

let the list progress as it may…


i should be writing more.  i’ve got lots of ideas and even partial bits of stories with titles like:  ‘forget and forget’; ‘integrity personified’; ‘the misteak’; ‘mouthless’ and ‘liontamer’. such stories are rooted in real weird situations i have been both unfortunate and lucky in that i have gleaned much from the experiences.  perhaps that’s why there is a compulsive need to get the ideas down on paper, or type.  i find on holiday [as a teacher we’re talking several weeks’ holiday at the moment],  i have delusions of grandeur that i will produce pages and pages of writing.  then comes the relaxation and evasion of all things.


and by this i don’t mean going on a ‘diet’; i mean being more mindful of what i eat in general.  i am a compulsive scoffer.  it should be stopped.  i’ll let future jayne worry about that.


for a while there i was doing yoga nearly every day.  on holiday i am a beer guzzling slug.  plans to exercise always get passed off for more to eat and drink.  my aim is to put a tank top over it once i become offended by my own beer gut.  sorted.


this is something akin to a mental illness.  i cannot help it, or so i tell myself.  it comes with it anxiety and depression, worry and discomforting analysis of events that may well never happen.  i’m sure others do this too, though those close to me will tell me i am being unreasonable when i let the strange thoughts out.  i have been called ‘stab in the dark susan’ on occasion.

stopping nail biting

this is one i’ve been working on for quite some time.  i am in recovery-ish.  it is so disgusting i’m not even going to add an anecdotal explanation.

forgiving myself

i’ve decided after all i’ve written above that i’ll just have to forgive myself for all of the above, otherwise i’d never get out of bed for all the depression i would self-apply.

what about you?  what should you be doing right now?


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