one week until abu and i make the trek back to nigeria.  the past four or five weeks have been a whirlwind of visiting with numerous people from my near and distant past in canada.  it has been a great time with very little down time.

i am torn.  between being ready to return for work and enjoying my holiday; between drinking and eating everything i see and being reasonable; between getting enough reading time in and watching loads of svu on dvd; between alone time and family time; between spending money and avoiding outings; between writing blog posts and enjoying living in the moment… you get the idea.

i am really looking forward to what a new school year brings but i am trying my best to savour the remaining days of summer.  there are so many new ideas and plans swirling around in my brain and the always improving myself focus fits right in there.  but that jayne is two weeks away from existing.

so much has changed.  most of my encounters have been with new parents and so talking about babies has been a big part of this holiday.   my turn for that will come soon i’m sure.  after all, i’m not getting any younger.  it has been really interesting hearing about all of the theories:  home births vs not being a hero and going for an epidural.  what an experience it has been seeing changes in my old friends with the arrival of their mini selves.

i have seen a live tfc match and been to numerous pubs.  i have seen a restaurant i used to work in turned into a high-flying toronto style venue.  i have seen the eramosa river from a canoe, a first for me, despite having lived in guelph for more than four years.  i have seen the bottom of a number of beer, cider and wine bottles.  i have seen serious flooding at a pal’s office.  i have seen my husband’s reaction and impression of white folk dancing.  i have seen elderly couples celebrating significant anniversaries. and so much more.

i want this canadiana experience to go on but i also want to get back to the routine.  if i was really serious about anything, i would have finished any one of my partially written short stories instead of writing this crap.  so.  no promises.  i might not write anything for a while and that’s ok.  i’ll be back on here when it suits me.

see you then.


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