blisters from sharpening 48 pencils.

back in school with all of the enthusiasm of someone that has had an excellent time away from students and the political nonsense that pervades every workplace; at least i hope pervades every workplace and i am not alone in my crazy making moments.  much the same continues on, despite everyone’s holiday-fresh faces.  plenty of hilarious and strange things have happened already.

no drink for two weeks now and i couldn’t feel better.  back to [some] yoga and eating lots of fresh coconut and watermelon.  the flat no longer has carpet [win!] and we have settled in with dstv showing ‘fear the walking dead’.  a definite planning of the plans and scamming of the scams situation occurring.

in the usual nigerian fashion, many people are commenting on my summer weight gain.  it can be difficult not to take it personally, but it is in fact, a cultural phenomenon that i should be familiar with after 4 years in the country.  i liken it to someone telling you that you have a zit on your face as if you are blissfully unaware of it prior to their helpful intervention.

the kids have been great and i spent a great deal of cash on ridiculous and practical items for the academic session.  such items include the usual pens and pencils, though my prize finding is half a dozen rubber chickens which i have already introduced many students to during lessons.  they think i am as insane as my mum did when i danced around her house shouting ‘i’ve got rubber chickens’ after receiving the chickens in the mail.

where to go from here?  goals for the year:

  • writing more fiction
  • being more kind to myself
  • let go of nonsense that holds me back

here’s to continued improvement!  i’ll be back on here soon.


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