a book by its cover

on a roll here with the writing…  must write more frequently.

i used some wordpress editor’s prompts [from 365 days of prompts] with my super clever and lovely year 11 class today.  it was hilarious and amazing.  i was trying to get them to write more concisely and they agreed that for each prompt they would keep it under 27 words.

they shared some incredibly personal insights and i was surprised by the kinds of things each teen wrote.  i have been teaching them for over a year and i have formed opinions about them, as you do.

i can’t wait to read them all tonight but one that stood out to me was one of them, a seemingly confident student, had written about things she didn’t like about herself rather than things she liked about herself.  she did ask if she could do that, i reluctantly allowed her since she had completed so many other prompts.

as a plenary, they were asked to share their favourite one [some had done more than 15] and she shared that she has the feeling she is not good enough to be in this class and that she always questions what she is writing, doing and presenting in my lessons.   i told her publicly that she absolutely belongs here.

i asked her to remain after class and questioned her as to why she was so down.  i told her that to me she is the confident, insightful, charismatic and pleasant human in my lessons.  i wondered aloud what was wrong and she said she couldn’t pin point it.

i saw great many of my own doubts in her.  i admitted my own difficulty of being confident in some ways and self-deprecating in others.   i asked if there was anything i could do.

not much else was said…

as a final prompt of the day, i gave her an extension task: to write down 5 things she likes about herself.  i told her i had already thought of 5 things i think are positives about her and that we’ll compare notes tomorrow.

i was prompted by what came out of the prompts.  love this class.


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