the empty page

my online page has been empty for quite some time.  life has a tendency of getting in the way most days.  the excuse train has obviously made several stops between my last post and now.

listening to sonic youth today, i was reminded that my blog is not going to write itself.  a few years ago, probably closer to five years now, i read a short story book where sonic youth fans used titles of their favourite songs to inspire fiction.  while i am in no way musically gifted, or even remotely able, i enjoyed the idea that creativity can come in such a way.

with that i am hoping i can use my current enthusiasm to draft stories from those artists that have inspired me throughout my life.  i have an approaching three week break and i’m hoping to use that stolen time to read and write and think.

some titles i’m working with in my brain include:

  • sonic youth – swimsuit issue
  • pearl jam – red mosquito
  • alice in chains – brother
  • stone temple pilots – lounge fly
  • 54-40 – friend’s end
  • moist – believe me
  • the tragically hip – inevitability of death
  • bjork – army of me
  • radiohead – sulk
  • live – white, discussion
  • smashing pumpkins – disarm

two or three of them stand out more in my mind and i hope to get them up on here asap.  i think i’d better get back to my eight saved drafts to see if any of them are worth finishing today.






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