poetic injustice?

a few poems written recently, gathered from my own observations.                                       take from them what you will/wish.


belonging, yet feeling on the periphery

clever, yet feeling inadequate

kind, yet feeling aloof

beautiful, yet feeling awkward

the doubt is strong in this one

it is there morning, noon and night

mistrusting her own strengths

hesitancy reigns supreme in decision making

overcome doubts and suspicions

see yourself like others do

let go of all that fear

undoubt to build confidence

undoubt to create calmness

undoubt to resist negativity

undoubt to experience peace of mind


not yet titled, suggestions welcome.

hell is other people

nausea a part of existence

live through this if you’ve got the grit

or throw it all away to promote mental stealth

what is the point in doing the right thing?

after all: no one’s looking

all good qualities are only skin deep

if you use your own brain

don’t you dare make a peep

the future is for the self-indulgent

a lack of work ethic is to be revered

pretend you enjoy life or you’ll be sorry

telling the truth only leads to worry

fixate on trivia, ignore what matters

for life is about getting flattered

self-awareness will only get you in trouble

blame shifting is the best way to preserve your bubble

the ass in class, the harm in charm

there is no cause to be alarmed

a picture of the future entails

human heads smashed like melons

the assault inflicted by ‘our own’



arrogance assumed through deep self-reverence

or the irreverence for all other humans

there is expedience in instant gratification

a satisfaction like no other in their collective conscience

menacing are those that point out the lack of substance

the subsequence of which ensures the sustenance of hatred

dissidence perceived as interference

consequences are non-existent for those who believe

enlightened are those belonging to this conspiracy

for independence of thought is irrelevant

petulance takes precedence over all other things

for showing one’s confidence weakens enemies

diffidence never found in the vocabulary

of those that shun intelligent experience

audacious diatribes provided without eloquence

one word grunted demands display command over every situation

hope for the future immaterial

idolisation of false prophets

lack of insight celebrated

realisation replaced with sanctimonious nonsense

me, me, me

mine, mine, mine

now, now, now

how is it that anything good will come from this?

ignoring is the only way

the negativity will definitely dissipate in haste, right?







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