motherhood means mental freeze

i have the breeders to thank for the title above.  it seemed apt, considering i have not posted anything for months.  it is because i’ve been busy with this whole new life.

as of today, i have been a parent for 12 weeks.  my wee girl is a dream.  a calm demeanour like her father and the cutest little face.  though i am biased, i know she is perfect.

i was in hospital for nearly four solid days and it was a difficult labour and a traumatic birth.  i had too much amniotic fluid, i learned the term for which is polyhydramnios, and was induced a week before my due date.  in many respects, giving birth was the most difficult thing i have ever done.

i was going to make this post the hilarious story of the person i shared a room with in hospital but it feels like having that as its own story makes the most sense.

in the past few weeks i have begun to work properly again; really using my brain for things other than baby stuff and mum guilt.  though my plan is to ultimately write fiction, i am currently writing content for blog posts at dg bevan insurance.  it has piqued my interest and i hope to read and write loads every day, including posting here.

i have some fiction pieces on the go and will finish that piece about the hospital room-mate from hell before the end of the weekend.

please check back.  i anticipate having a lot more here very soon.  oh and thanks for visiting after a lengthy posting drought.

















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